Appgetter 2020:

AppGetter is a Windows program that lets people and companies share files as apps. The only thing that they need is a website. The only thing that the users, who want to download files need is the AppGetter windows application with the name of the website and the app(or file).

For the companies:
1. Go to the path where your website is in your server.
2. Create a path with the name: appgetter
3. Create the folowing files:
4. Write in the the ending of your app file, like: .txt or .apk
5. Create the file with the ending

Download Windows 64 (.ZIP)

D-TextEdit 2016

This is my first app. I made it in 2015 and developed it through 2015 until end 2016. In 2016 i coudn't speak english as good(so there could be a few texts with wrong english in the app).

Install Instrucions:
1. Install Phython 3
2. Open It
3. Open CMD
4. Type: pip install PyQt5
5. Put the file on your Desktop
6. Run it

Download D-TextEdit