Pressure Pad 2020:

Pressure Pad is a 2d game, where you have to drag the player around with your mouse. You have to put your player on the pressure pad(s) to win, but if you fall in lava, you lose and you have to restart the level. There are 10 levels in the game and you can play all of them.

Pressure Pad is a really interesting game with challenging levels. I got this idea becouse i tryed to make one other game where you are a square and you can walk with AD and you can drag and drop objects around you, but i think this is much better.

Moving Platforms (2) 2020:

Moving Platforms was a sucsessful game compared to the others i made.
Moving Platforms 2 is a first-person platformer game. It has platforms that move, rotate and scale. The goal is to get to the top of the map.


- Platform: You can stand on the Platform

- Ghost: The Ghost is a Grey platform that the player can fall across

- Elevator: The Elevator move up and down and helps the player to get up on the map.

- Rotator: The Rotator rotates around the middle axis.

- Scalor: The Scalor scales in one direction.

- Blinker: The Blinker disappears every other second

- Slider: The Slider is rotating around the longer axis form 30 to -30 back to 30...

- Switcher: The Switcher is 1 sec on the 1. place and 1 sec on the 2. place. It's like 2 Blinkers

- 360 Shaker: The 360 Shaker rotates around the longest axis in one single direction.

- Collider Box: The Collider Box switches between 2 States: State 1: A Platform State 2: A Ghost. 1 State is during 1 sec.

There are 2 games. Moving Platforms and Moving Platforms 2 i am working on Moving Platforms 3

Lethal Asteroids 2020:

Lethal Asteroids is a Game where you control a spaceship and you have to avoid the asteroids. It has 3 tacks and you can change between these 3 tracks. In 2 tracks it has asteroids your spaceship gets every time faster and uncontrollable. It has a Retro style but it is a 3d game. The rocket and the rocks are pixel art but the game not.

Capsule 2020:

Capsule is a 3d mobile game where you have to go up a buildings with your hands. Its a mobile game.

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Squarego 2020:

In Squarego you build a tower from red squares. You have to build the tower precisely, otherwise it falls down and the game is over. You can play this game offline. Its a mobile game

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